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Which International flights are available to fly to Argentina?

Depending on the airline and the class clients choose to travel in, they should be able to find very interesting rates. Some of the airlines we could recommend and their web sites are:

_ United Airlines _ LAN _ Delta
_ Aerolíneas Argentinas _ Lufthansa _ Air France
_ American Airlines _ British Airways _Iberia

Which domestic flights are available in Argentina?
There are two possibilities, commercial and chartered flights.


Aerolíneas Argentinas y LAN - Buenos Aires / Final Destination / Buenos Aires
These are the commercial airlines that make most of the domestic flights in Argentina.

Clients should book their domestic flight before departure from their country of origin and should plan their connecting international flights accordingly.


Buenos Aires / Final Destination / Buenos Aires
In case clients decide to book the domestic flight with a private company, TGB will take care of all the arrangements.

TGB has agreements with private airplane companies and is able to get very competitive fares for its clients. This service is more expensive than commercial airplanes but we believe they are more comfortable, flexible and at the same time allow our clients to see the landscape on their way to their final destination.

Which is the procedure to Introduce firearms to Argentina?


a) If you have already entered Argentina with a firearm in the past
b) If you are bringing a semi-automatic shotgun or bolt action rifle

If the answer to "a" is YES and the answer to "b" is also YES, instructions to enter with guns are below as Procedure 1

If the answer to "a" is YES and the answer to "b" is NO (meaning you are traveling with over and under shotguns or side by side shotguns / rifles), instructions to enter with guns are below as Procedure 2

If the answer to "a" is NO, instructions to enter with guns are below as Procedure 2

Procedure 1 (we have been informed that as of 2016 this will be the only procedure)

You must go to an Argentinean Consulate and request a permit to bring your firearm to Argentina. This must be done before departure at your nearest ARG Consulate. We do recommend you call first and make sure you have an appointment before going.

To find the nearest consulate please visit:
If after speaking to the Consulate you have any questions please feel free to contact us for assistance.

Procedure 2

You DO NOT need to go to an Argentinean Consulate and can proceed to bring your firearm according to the instructions below.

You just need to fill in the attached form (2015 Gun Form) and bring it with you. You will apply for this permit upon arrival.

The information you need to have to complete the form for both procedures and for local authorities is the following:


Denomination: TGB Outfitters SA
Legajo RENAR: IUC30219 This is the company registration number / very important
Fecha de vencimiento: 01/02/2020
Domicilio: Adolfo Alsina 545, Piso 4 Depto A
Provincia: Capital Federal


Estancia La Norma, Coto de Caza Loncopue, Seccion VIII, Fraccion A, Lote 14, Parcelas 3/6, Loventuel, La Pampas.


Alejandro Trigo (TGB Outfitters President and legal representative) - 1140875724 -

With this, your information and your gun information please complete the attached form and bring three copies of it with you. Officials will check this information upon arrival, you will pay the fee and you will be given the authorization to enter your guns.

IMPORTANT: In both cases, when entering Argentina with a gun, there is quite a considerable amount of paperwork that needs to be taken care of locally (RENAR and Customs). In some cases we use a contact at the international airport that will guarantee the timely process of your permits ensuring entrance with firearms and flight connections.

This contact will wait for you when you step out of the gate (he will have a sign with your name) and guide and assist you through the whole process until you have completely cleared customs. The charge for this service is of US$ 100 per person traveling with guns and it can be paid directly to our contact as it is his regular fee.

Besides this cost you will also have a AR$ 1,000 (Argentinean Pesos) fee for each gun entering the country for the permit which will be paid at a local bank at the airport in US$.

Do I need a visa to travel to Argentina?

A reciprocity fee applies to citizens from Australia, Canada and United States since 2010. They do not need a Visa to enter Argentina, however they need to pay this fee. This fee applies to citizens of countries that apply the same fee to Argentinean citizens entering their countries.

Payment of this reciprocity has to be done online and we highly recommend you make this payment before arrival. Step by step instructions to effect payment are very simple and are as follows:

Reciprocity Fee Payment:

1) Enter the web site
2) In the lower part of the website look and click on "Reciprocity Fee / Tasa Reciprocidad".
3) A pop-up window will open in which you can select to open the Online Payment Instructions. Once you have the instructions click on "Continue"
4) This will direct you the the following website: of Provincia Pagos
5) Click on "Sign Up" underneath the Log In boxes, this will open a window in which you will have to Sign Up and register with a username and password.
6) Once you have signed up, you may Log In and start the process.
7) Complete the form for the Reciprocity Fee with your personal and credit card information.
8) Print the payment receipt.
9) On arrival in Argentina, this printed receipt must be presented at Immigration Control. The receipt will be scanned by the Immigration officials, the information will be checked, and the traveler's entry to the country registered.

Clients from other countries can check if they need a visa to enter Argentina in the following web site:

Do I need a medical or vaccination certificate?

No medical certificates or vaccinations are needed to enter Argentina.

Will someone be waiting for me at the airports?

Yes. All international flights will be arriving at Ezeiza International Airport. Once clients have cleared customs (and once they've declared their firearms if they are carrying one) they will be met in the main hall by a TGB crew member. He will have in his hands a cardboard with our logo which he will hold in front of him in order for our clients to identify him clearly. We recommend clients to do not, by any means accept any kind of help and service or engage in any type of conversation with strangers, just say "no gracias" (no thank you) and ignore them. We recommend clients do not leave their baggage unattended and do not leave the airport on their own.

Once they've contacted our crew member, he will take care of guiding them along and transporting them to their next flight.

TGB crew members will be waiting for their clients at the final destination's airport where they will be identified in the same way our crew members at Ezeiza have been.

How can I pay in Argentina?

TGB will accept the following methods of payment: cash, checks and wired deposits. A 5-6% exchange tax may apply for check and wire deposit payments.

In case our clients decide to purchase something at the airport or in a shop along the way, US Dollars and Euros are generally taken everywhere. Foreign currencies can be exchanged in banks and authorized bureaus. American Express, VISA and Master Card credit cards are widely accepted in restaurants, hotels and shops. There may be difficulties in changing traveler's checks outside Buenos Aires.

TGB will assist their clients if they need to change foreign currencies once in Argentina for private expenses.

How much do I tip?

10% of the amount of the check is usually left in cafeterias and restaurants. Doormen, porters, and ushers in cinemas and theatres are also generally tipped. Tips are only left if clients have been satisfied with the service they've received.

Can you provide the firearms?

Yes we can, we have a wide variety of guns and shotguns from which our clients can choose.

Can you provide the ammunition?

Yes we can, we only need to know the caliber and the client's preferences regarding the bullets some time in advance to make sure we get exactly what he wants.

Will I be able to shoot my guns before the hunt starts?

Yes, scopes and firearm's precision can be altered during flights so we will provide an appropriate area upon arrival in order to practice some shots and make sure their bullet is heading the way you want.

How do I get my hunting / fishing licenses?

We will take care of getting all licenses and permits for you. In some cases we will require a copy of a photo ID to do this which can be faxed in advance.

How are the hunts?

Most of the hunts are early in the morning and late afternoons. We can use either spot and stalk or blind hunting techniques depending on the client's preferences and the species sought.

How far will I have to shoot?

You should not expect to have to shoot over 150 yards. In most of the cases the shooting distance is less than that distance although you could exceptionally choose to shoot at a longer one.

Is there any special gear or equipment I should carry for hunting / fishing?

We recommend your bring good camouflage clothing and very good hiking boots for the hunts. As far as the fishing is concerned we recommend you bring waders in which you feel comfortable.

Do you have a taxidermist in Argentina?

Yes, we do have a good taxidermist in Argentina. It is much cheaper to do your taxidermy in Argentina than in the US or Europe although packaging in the export process can be a little bit higher due to the increase in volume. We will show you our taxidermist's work during your trip.

How is the process to export my trophies?

It is very simple. After the hunt we put you in touch with the exporting company that will send you an information request (name, destination of trophies, port of entry, import broker, etc), their fees and conditions and a quote for their exporting job. Once you agree with this we then take all trophies to Buenos Aires to the exporter warehouse who takes over and carries out the job in coordination with the import broker you have nominated. We follow up to make sure he delivers on time

Is there electricity at camp?, can I take my electronic devices?

Yes we do have electricity at camp and you can bring your electronic devices. If the voltage of your devices is different than 220V we will provide a transformer for you.

How are healthcare and medicines in Argentina in case of a problem?

Our lodge has a first aid kit with all the basic medicines. We ask clients to please bring with them all special medication they may require. In case we cannot treat the problem at our lodge we will immediately take our client to the nearest hospital or even to a Buenos Aires hospital if necessary. Hospitals in Buenos Aires are world class and prepared to deal with any kind of emergency.

We recommend clients get a traveler assistance plan, like for example Assist Card, before departure.

Will I have a laundry service?

Yes, we will take care of your laundry.

Will I be able to do some shopping?

Yes, even if you don't stay in Buenos Aires we have regional products and souvenirs at the lodge. We are also in contact with some of Argentina's finest stores in case you decide to purchase something you like from their catalog.

In that case we will have your goods ready and waiting for you at the airport on your way back so that you can take them home without having to go to the store.

"TGB offers the best hunting experience, the total package, from pickup at the airport, lodging, side trips, a wide variety of hunting, great food, experienced guides, and expert care of trophies. Best of all is the hospitality shown by Alejandro and his lovely wife Danielle. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip from start to finish, took some great animals, and brought back memories that will stay with us for the rest of our lives."

Kevin Anderson,
SCI Past President, USA
Buffalo en Argentina - Bob G. Texas

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