TGB Outfitters is the perfect choice to plan an incredible Argentina Hunting trip. Throughout many years of outstanding service, TGB Outfitters has earned its reputation as Argentina’s most prestigious outfitter. No other company in the country offers such a high standard of service, the variety of species, the game quality and the territories that TGB Outfitters does. 

Our company has the experience and know-how combined with thousands of acres in multiple regions of the country where we can hunt all available species in diverse environments that provide a unique and exciting experience. 

Hunting in Argentina

Argentina has become one of the most popular destinations in the world, attracting more and more big-game hunters each year. Our focus on hard work to provide an outstanding service have earned TGB Outfitters a privileged position as one of the most prestigious outfitters in the country. All of our clients can get customized Argentina hunting packages to fit their needs while being absolutely sure that this includes second to none service, game quality and number of species. 

Our team of professionals is made of people who believe in the importance of ethics, friendship, hard work and conservationism. It is our mission to provide clients with unique safaris that will create life long memories of each of the trips they have experienced with us. Our lodges in Argentina are located in different provinces. The main lodge is located in La Pampa province, due mainly to the abundance of Red Stags and the variety of other species found there. Other hunting areas include Buenos Aires, Río Negro, Neuquén, Corrientes, and the Province of Entre Ríos. In each area we have grounds for specific species and offer customized safaris. 

Hunting in Argentina can be an overwhelmingly beautiful experience. The country’s climate and terrain diversity offers a wide variety of very different opportunities and cultural experiences, in particular for big game funsx. With our diverse options for safaris and packages we make sure every potential client is presented with the most attractive itineraries.

TGB Outfitters provides big game safaris, fishing, dove hunting and wing shooting trips. Our expertise, staff and infrastructure will make your trip unforgettable. 

Let us make your Argentine dream safari come true