Our company has all the necessary experience to give the client the most complete hunting trip to Argentina, a country that offers, a lot of possibilities for lovers of this sport. TGB Outfitters works in several provinces of Argentina, incluiding the Patagonia region, where the cliente can enjoy thousands of acres at his disposal and a wide range of species. 

Patagonia, as well as other regions of Argentina where we offer our service, is one of the best places in South America for big game hunting. Within this context, our company is recognized worldwide for organizing top quality safaris throughout the Argentine territory. Our hunting packages in Argentina take care of every detail so you don’t have to worry about anything, and simply experience an adventure like no other. 

Big Game Hunting in Argentina

For twenty years our company has organized safaris and hunting trips in Argentina. Our work philosophy is based on the importance of conservationism, respect for wildlife, but also on friendship and ethics among people who share the same passion for the game. Our main mission is to provide our clients with a unique experience, and for that we offer the best possible service at a fair price.  

All the provinces of Argentina where our company works have a great diversify of species, as well as wide areas of land, basically the perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable adventure for big game fans. Our company owns properties, farms and ranches in each of the most important locations

Our hunting lodges in Argentina are equipped with everything you need. The most important is to the north of Patagonia, in the province of La Pampa, where there are a lot of wild species. We have also acquired other lodges in Patagonia, in the provinces of Neuquen and Rio Negro, and finally in Entre Rios., Corrientes and Buenos Aires. In each of these regions, our company offers our clients with exclusive hunting areas.

The experience of hunting in any of the provinces of Argentina is something truly amazing, and that is why the country is one of the main destination for sports enthusiasts around the world. There you can find the most beautiful landscapes, a large number of species, all at the best price.

TGB Outfitters offers the client first class hunting safaris, as well as fishing trips in the most emblematic sites of Argentina. Our company has large territorries and exclusive properties, first class accommodations, and a team of experts who perfectly know each terrain, each species, to provide everything you need to make your hunting trip an experience that will stay in your memories for many years

We can make the dream of hunting in Argentina become real